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FMGE / MCI Exam Preparation Tips

Written By Dr Medicos on Wednesday, 20 July 2011 | 22:44

FMGE / MCI Exam Preparation Tips
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FMGE (or Foreign Medical Graduate's Exam) is conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE) on the last sunday of March and September.
 Scared ?
well there is nothing to be scared about. No examination has ever framed that can't be retained in the brain. This is anxiety(exam fear).
Yea, you might be thinking if it is possible to pass the exam even if you didn't study during the whole course. well the answer is yes.
just follow what i've stated and you will be confident enough that you can pass the exam.

What subjects you need to study?
There are two parts of examination Non-Clinical and Clinical and you have to study just these subjects

Biochemistry (DIAMS notes/ across)
Anatomy (DIAMS notes/ across/ mudit khanna)
Microbiology (Rachna chaurasia/ DIAMS notes)
Pharmacology (DIAMS notes / Gobind,Sparsh)

Surgery (DIAMS notes/ Amit Ashish)
Medicine (Marwah Sahab's notes (DIAMS) / Mudit Khanna)
Obstetrics / Gynaecology (Sakshi Arora/ DIAMS notes)
Ophthalmology (at least 25 questions) (DIAMS notes / Across)
PSM (at least 25 questions) (Vivek Jain / DIAMS notes)

If you think this is a lot, well, its not
So, now the question. What books to follow
I've listed above a few authors. Apart from those you can buy
  • Platinum Notes (3 volumes) - These books has got all the necessary information for passing the exam though it is for PG, but, it helps.
 Whether you should join coachin classes or not?
well in my opinion it is better to join coaching (DIAMS or DAMS) as you will be updated about the new information or pattern or topics being asked more in the exams.(DIAMS, Gautam Nagar, has better faculty and good results)
well option 2 is that you buy or get the notes of coaching centres in the xerox shop right next to the institute. But I'd say those notes might confuse you more if you didn't join the classes because th abbreviations etc are more.

How much time to spend?
It completely depends on the rate at which you can study. Here's a little help
I can study three pages in 1 hour so i decide the time like that.
You have a lot of time to study so don't worry.
While studying take 5 min. break every 30-45 min.

How much time you have?
  • 6 Months - the target can be achieved
  • 3 Months - the target can be achieved
  • 2 Months - i suggest you start studying the MCQs and leave the theory and do revise the part of theory you already know.
Just keep aside at least half the number of days you take to study these subjects for revision.

thats all i can tell you but if you have any queries just comment below and i'll answer asap.

Remember guys you are DOCTORS. This exam might push you to low self-confidence but, don't be discouraged. YOU CAN DO IT !



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Thank you for sharing the wonderful tips for us.It is very useful tips sir....

Lumbar Spine said...

I think tips like these should be really learned by many students nowadays to avoid cramming days before the examination. :D

tina said...

These are wonderful and helpful tips.

Anonymous said...

hi thankz alot fr sharin such wonderful information..i m a 6th yr student graduatin soon in july2013 bt ma problm is i dnt hav ny books and notes fr preprtion f fmge bt i wana giv it in septembr by takin coaching classes in diams frm july 2013
do u think i l b able to finish all d syllabus if i juz take d coachin n do mcq wenever i cm bck to india n join diams ???
thankz alot do reply!!!

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hi!!please tell me how to study the subjects too... i am in 2nd year now and having troible remembering things....

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I am in 2nd year now can you please tell me some perpration tips for fmge

Avi Singh said...

If I had to give tips for FMGE exam preparation I'd recommend focusing on your basics and practicing online mock tests on a regular basis. The former is essential for any exam preparation and the latter helps you formulate exam strategy and assess your progress.

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Manu Marshal said...

All the point you have explained are really good. For passing FMGE Exam you need a perfect study plan and should revise continuously. Also you need to attend FMGE Mock exams to test your knowledge.
1. Time Perspective
2. Current preparation status
3. Preference order of subjects
4. Effective time distribution
5. Revision & Mock test
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